Configure Sinks

Sink Handling
Key Default Type Description Needed for Sink Type
sinkFormat none SinkFormatPtr Set the type of the SinkFormat (available options: CSVFormat, JSONFormat, NESFormat, TextFormat) all
QuerySubPlanId none QuerySubPlanId Set the Id of the parent plan. all
address none String Address of the MQTT broker to connect to. MQTTSink
clientId operatorId String Client Id used to connect to MQTT broker. Set to operatorId of MQTTSink if none is provided. Must be unique! MQTTSink
topic none String MQTT topic to publish to. MQTTSink
user none String User name, used for the published MQTT messages. MQTTSink
maxBufferedMSGs none uint64_t The maximum number of messages that are buffered, until the oldest messages are dropped. MQTTSink
timeUnit none MQTTSinkDescriptor::TimeUnits Determines time unit for the message delay (below). Either nanoseconds, milliseconds or seconds. MQTTSink
messageDelay none uint64_t How long to delay the messages for, before sending them to the broker. Set to 0 for no delay. MQTTSink
qos none MQTTSinkDescriptor::ServiceQualities quality of service - needs to be at-least-once or exactly-once for persistent sessions (cleanSession=false) to work MQTTSink
asynchronousClient none bool Set to true, if the MQTT client should publish asynchronously and set to false to set up a synchronous client. MQTTSink
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